Head Content Coach | DebateDrills Club Team

As a competitor, Raffi was one of the most successful high school debaters in the past decade. He was in elimination debates (top 16) of the TOC twice, won the Greenhill Invitational and the Greenhill Round Robin, and advanced to late elimination debates at virtually every prestigious tournament he attended his senior year. He now does college policy debate at Georgetown University, where he and his partner are one of the top 15 teams in the country.  

Raffi has spent his entire coaching career with DebateDrills. Under his stewardship, DebateDrills students have won the TOC, TFA State, the Glenbrooks, Apple Valley, and reached late elimination rounds at every major invitational in the country. 

This will be Raffi's second year directing the content for our Club Team. Raffi says: "I love teaching students to try their best for competitive success, but am even more passionate about making sure that the skills they take from debate can be applied to the real world."