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As part of our commitment to provide free resources for the broader debate community, each Sunday during the regular season we send out a content-focused newsletter to our subscribers. Our newsletters includes a) free evidence on current LD and PF topics and b) updates on new content, including blog posts, YouTube videos, and Academy courses.

Please note that evidence we provide is not meant to be a replacement for thorough research on the topic. We have extensively vetted each piece of evidence, and our students have used many of the cards we send out to regularly win high-stakes debates at the most prestigious invitationals in the United States. That being said, one of the best pieces of advice that Paras received early in his career is "cards don't win debates", analysis does. We strongly encourage you to go back to the source cited and understand the broader structural and analytical/empirical claims posited by the author(s) so you can be knowledgable about the evidence you are using when the stakes are highest. To sign up, simply enter your information below. Please note we will manually remove fake emails from our list. We hate spam and promise to not distribute your email under any circumstances.

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