Viren Abhyankar

Summer Intensives Instructor

Viren Abhyankar debated for three years at Northwood High School, where he was the first LD debater to qualify for the Tournament of Champions. In his career, he accumulated 5 bids, reaching quarters at UNLV, Loyola, Harvard-Westlake, and Berkeley and semis at Jack Howe twice. Additionally, Viren championed the inaugural Peninsula Invitational, where he was the top speaker. He also won speaker awards at The Glenbrooks, UNLV, Loyola, Stanford, including 2nd speaker at Berkeley and NDCA and top speaker at Jack Howe. Viren is currently a Computer Science major at UC San Diego. He specializes in coaching policy-style debate and topicality. This year, his students reached octas at Peninsula, quarters at Harvard-Westlake, and finals of Voices, as well as speaker awards at all three. Viren has previously taught at the The Debate Intensive and is excited to be an instructor for DebateDrills!