Operations Director | DebateDrills Club Team

Lucas Clarke manages all of Operations related tasks for the DebateDrills Club Team. He is currently a Junior at the University of Texas.

As a coach, Lucas worked at the Global Debate Symposium for two summers, and independently coached students who have succeeded at tournaments like TFA State, UT, and more. He joined DebateDrills in July 2018 and has been coaching with DebateDrills since. 

As a competitor, Lucas debated on the national circuit for Cypress Woods High School. Despite only debating on the circuit for 2 years, Lucas received 5 bids his senior year, reached elimination rounds of the TOC, quarterfinals of Emory and the Glenbrooks, championed Holy Cross, finished 3rd at the University of Texas Invitational, and had a series of other successful appearances at national tournaments.