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Free Resources

Below are hundreds of hours of free drills you can do to rapidly improve in debate. These videos cover a wide variety of debate topics, including debate strategy, util, philosophy, critiques, theory, topicality, analysis of past debates, and technical skills like speaking fast. We have tried to make sure audio quality is good, but there may be videos that are hard to hear. Feel free to comment on the youtube video if you have questions about any of the content. We recommend watching the videos in HD and subscribing to our youtube channel/facebook page/newsletter if you want to stay up to date with new videos that will be added. The youtube channel in particular is your best bet to see all the videos we have, though we will try to keep this page updated.

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Past Debate Rounds


Alex Zhao affirms vs. Lucas Clarke in front of Erik Legried. The 2NR goes for topicality. Decision is in favor of the affirmative. Here are some suggestions for redos: 1. Do Lucas's 2NR again but focus on giving more weighing and answers on the "you can read PICs if the aff is whole res" debate. 2. Try to give Lucas's speech in 5 minutes instead of 6. Push yourself to get faster and faster. 3. Do some impact weighing at the top that compares what's more important: limits or PICs? Make this weighing non-superficial.



Jack Wareham affirms vs. Alex Zhao. Debate comes down to Kant v Util and a link turn to the neg util offense. Decision is a 2-0 for the aff (Kumar, Castillo). Here are some suggestions for redos: 1. Cover the link turn in the 2NR and allocate time better on the various framework layers the 1ar has. Do weighing on which justifications are most important. 2. Give the same 1AR 45 seconds faster than Jack did and get out a "Phil PICs bad" shell. 

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