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"Working with DebateDrills is why I won the Tournament of Champions."

- Parker Whitfill, 2017 TOC Champion, Phoenix Country Day High School ’17


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A Record Of Excellence


DebateDrills has provided 4000+ hours of tutoring, helped 200+ students, and compiled an unprecedented record of success. Regardless of how old you are, what “style” of debate you prefer, and your goals, we will help you learn how to become a better critical thinker, writer, researcher, and public speaker. Over the last four debate seasons, students working with DebateDrills: 


  • Reached the Championship Debate at the Tournament of Champions (TOC) a record-setting 3 years in a row, winning twice (2017 + 2019) and setting an all-time record by being the youngest ever TOC Finalist (2018) 
  • Had the vast majority of students advance to elimination debates at a bid tournament at least once
  • Received 113 qualifying bids and qualified 23 debaters to the TOC 
  • Finished at least top 10 at every major tournament in the country, including: Greenhill, Valley, CPS (1st), Loyola (1st), Bronx, Berkeley, Glenbrooks (1st x2), Harvard Westlake (1st), Harvard, Emory, Yale, Voices (1st), Golden Desert, Stanford (1st), University of Houston, USC, and Lexington (1st)
  • Won every prestigious round robin across the United States including the Greenhill RR, California RR, Kandi King RR (twice), Harrison RR, Apple Valley RR, Lake Highland Prep RR (twice), Glenbrooks RR, Strake Jesuit RR and the Newark RR
  • Received top 5 speaker awards at TOC (1st), Harvard, Berkeley (1st), Lexington, Bronx, Glenbrooks (1st), Emory (1st x2), Harvard Westlake, Valley, Voices, and Apple Valley (1st) amongst many other tournaments
  • Had 14 students ranked in the top 20 in the United States

"There is nothing comparable to the Debatedrills team anywhere else in the country. I honestly can’t imagine how my last year in debate would have gone without it. I can guarantee that if you join, it will be the single best decision you make in your debate career."

Jong Hak Won
Georgetown University | Class of 2021
Stanford Finalist, 3rd at Berkeley

"I honestly thought that I improved more in 5 hours of tutoring with DebateDrills than I had at all the debate camps I had been to in previous summers (combined)."

Nirmal Balachundar
Northwestern University | Class of 2021
9th Place, 2017 Harvard Invitational

"The time I spent on the team didn’t just make me a better debater, but it made me a better person."

Amrita Chakladar
UC Berkeley | Class of 2024


"My son Jackson grew tremendously as a debater because of the ongoing support from DebateDrills. They provided him with opportunities for real time learning and support he had not had before. I highly recommend DebateDrills to parents looking to have their children improve their debating skills and success. "

Kati Hanna
Mother of Jackson Hanna

"If there’s any aspect of debate that you think you can improve at personally, working with DebateDrills is the key to do so. The advantages of their services is that they expose you to a new environment and way of thinking about debate, teaching you how the game works and putting you a step above the competition."   

Ishan Timalsina
B.S. | UCSD Class of 2019
Engineer | Amazon

"Words can not express my gratitude and appreciation to DebateDrills for teaching my son, Jason, all these years - I have no hesitations recommending DebateDrills to anyone who desires top notch debate training."

Jenny Chan
Mother of Jason Chan

"We really feel that DebateDrills helped shape Meera into the confident and successful debater she is today by believing in her abilities before she grew into them! Thank you, DebateDrills!"

Sehgal Family

"DebateDrills was the single most valuable resource of my debate career."

Carolyn Zou
TOC qualified debater, Newark RR top speaker, outrounds at 9 bid tournaments


"After having been on the club team for three years, I can honestly say DebateDrills has made me a better debater, teammate, and leader."

Rex Evans
2018 TOC Finalist + 2019 Glenbrooks Champion 

"I didn’t just enjoy or appreciate being on the DebateDrills Team, I loved it!"

Keshav Rastogi
Harvard Westlake Outrounds

"It is worth every penny if you want to improve exponentially in your ability to have competitive success on the National Circuit."

Jonathan Jeong
TOC Qualifier