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DebateDrills Club Students celebrate successfully completing a tournament.

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TOC Champion Parker Whitfill prepares for a debate at the 2016 Harvard Westlake Invitational.

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"There is nothing comparable to DebateDrills anywhere in the country" - Jong Hak Won.

"There is nothing comparable to DebateDrills in the United States. I honestly can’t imagine how my last year as a debater would have gone without it. I can guarantee that if you join, it will be the single best decision you make in your debate career."

Jong Hak Won
B.A. Georgetown University
2nd Place, 2017 Stanford Invitational

"We strongly recommend DebateDrills." Sathya Kaginele, DebateDrills Parent

"Our son Pranav participated in the Club Team, Tutoring, and Online Debate Camp from 2018-2021. DebateDrills has done a wonderful job of pushing Pranav's critical thinking abilities, providing personal advice, and fostering a fun environment. We strongly recommend DebateDrills."

Sathya Kaginele
DebateDrills Parent (2018-2021)

"DebateDrills coaches are without a doubt the best speech and debate coaches in the United States." -Brennan Caruthers

"DebateDrills coaches are without a doubt the best speech and debate coaches in the United States. They taught me lasting skills I still use today in my everyday life. I enthusiastically recommend DebateDrills without qualification nor reservation."

Brennan Caruthers
B.A. Northeastern University
5th Place, 2013 UC Berkeley Invitational

"As parents, we were very appreciative of efforts DebateDrills made to keep costs as low as possible." Bill Towner

"As parents, we were very appreciative of the efforts DebateDrills made to keep expenses as low as possible. They understand that debating can be expensive and work to minimize costs while maximizing the attention and support given to each student they work with."

William Towner
DebateDrills Parent (2017-2020)

"DebateDrills actually cares about and are invested in their students as people." -Haritha Kumar

"I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have been on the Debate Club Team for all 4 years of high school. DebateDrills actually cares about and are invested in their students as people, and that care really shows."

Haritha Kumar
Georgetown University, Class of 2025
NSDA Academic All-American

"Our experience with DebateDrills was amazing." -Kati Hanna

"Our experience with DebateDrills was amazing. As my son, Jackson, began applying for colleges, the DebateDrills team proved to be an invaluable resource from providing guidance and insights to assisting with college recommendations for debate scholarships. "

Kati Hanna
DebateDrills Parent (2019-2020)

Our Students Today

Academic debate helps students sharpen critical thinking, public speaking, writing, and research skills. Well designed, structured debate education is arguably the most powerful investment families can make in their children’s intellectual growth. Our students are amongst the brightest of the bright and their time with us helps them gain valuable skills that they leverage in the professional world to become movers and shakers in a broad range of professions.




"My sons high school years are more rewarding and richer because of DebateDrills." Casey Perin

"DebateDrills has given my son Max an extraordinary community of mentors and friends who share his intellectual curiosity and passion for debate. They have helped him develop critical and analytical thinking skills that are not part of the standard high school curriculum but are essential for success in college, graduate school, and almost any demanding profession or career. My son's high school years are immeasurably richer and more rewarding because he has been lucky enough to be part of DebateDrills."

Casey Perin, PhD
Professor of Philosophy | University of California, Irvine

DebateDrills Students
College Acceptances

UC Berkeley
University of Pennsylvania
University of Chicago
Northwestern University 
Georgetown University 




I received my B.S. in EECS from UC Berkeley and am a software engineer at Playstation. My time at DebateDrills plays a huge role in my professional success. DebateDrills no doubt contributed to my admission to UC Berkeley and the coaches taught me teamwork, public speaking, critical thinking, and organizational skills that help me every day.

Jack Coyle, B.S.
UC Berkeley ’20, EECS
Former DebateDrills Student
Tutoring, Camp, Club Team

A Record of Competitive Excellence

Since 2015, DebateDrills has provided 10,000+ hours of debate coaching, helped 300+ families, and spearheaded an unprecedented record of competitive success, including 4 State Championships (CA, FL, WI, TX), 4 National Championships (2 High School Varsity, 1 High School JV, 1 Middle School) and the most successful 10th grade campaign in American Debate History. Regardless of event and preferred "style", we help learners rapidly improve their critical thinking, writing, researching, and public speaking skills.  DebateDrills students:


  • Debated the Championship Debate at the Tournament of Champions (TOC) a record-setting 3 years in a row, winning twice (2017 + 2019) and having the youngest ever (10th grade) finalist (2018)
  • Had the vast majority of students advance to elimination debates at national tournament at least once
  • Won 4 State Championships in Traditional Debate, the Middle School TOC (2017), and the JV National Championships (2019)
  • Finished at least top 10 at every major tournament in the country, including: Greenhill, Valley, CPS (1st), Loyola (1st), Bronx, Berkeley, Glenbrooks (1st x2), Harvard Westlake (1st), Harvard, Emory, Yale, Voices (1st), Golden Desert, Stanford (1st), University of Houston, USC, and Lexington (1st)
  • Received 135 qualifying bids, qualified 28 debaters to the TOC, and won every prestigious round robin across the United States including the Greenhill RR, California RR, Kandi King RR (twice), Harrison RR, Apple Valley RR, Lake Highland Prep RR (twice), Glenbrooks RR, Strake Jesuit RR and the Newark RR
  • Received top 5 speaker awards at TOC (1st), Harvard, Berkeley (1st), Lexington, Bronx, Glenbrooks (1st), Emory (1st x2), Harvard Westlake, Valley, Voices, and Apple Valley (1st) amongst many other tournaments
  • Had 14 students ranked in the top 20 in the United States